MiPHS Postcard Oct 2021 Front

2021 Annual Photographica Show, Sale & Auction

At the Photographica you buy photographs, postcards, Ephemera, Cameras and Photo Equipment!
Show Admission is $6 per person ($1 off with email postcard on your phone or a real show post card in your hand)
Dealer Tables Available!
Cost per table (8'x30" with tablecloth):
Members $55, Non-members $65 before October 10
Members $75, Non-members $85 from October 11-15
Members $100, Non-members $110 from October 16-17

Print a Dealer Table Form HERE

Pay for Admission or Dealer Table Form HERE


October 17, 2021

10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Royal Oak Elks Lodge

2401 E. Fourth Street

Royal Oak, Michigan

Members and friends of the Michigan Photographic Historical Society:

The Board of Directors of the Society have decided that as the 2021 MiPHS Photographica Show and Sale is an indoor event, face masks will be required for all attendees for everyone’s health and safety. A supply of disposable masks will be on hand at the door for those who do not have a mask.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Bill Christen
On behalf of the MiPHS Board of Directors.

Auction Lots

Box W-1

Click photo to enlarge
Photo courtesy of Dietmar Haenchen

No. 2 Brownie Blue Box Camera
No. 2 Rainbow F Model C in Green
No. 2 Bullseye Model of 1897
Early Box Camera, no brand found
Agfa PD 16 Clipper in box
Kodak Premo Folding Box
Ansco Junior Model A
Kodak Premo D Box, Mahogany
Koilos Folding Box
#4 EK Plate Camera Series D
Large Box Camera, no brand found
Western Camera Magazine Cyclone
Brownie 8mm Movie Camera in box
B8 Paillard Bolex Movie Camera
Leitz Leicina Movie Camera

Box C

Click photo to enlarge
Photo courtesy of Dietmar Haenchen

Yashica Electro AX
Ricoh XR-10 50mm 1.2
Kowa SE 50mm 1.9
Honeywell Spotmatic 28mm 2.8
Miranda Sensorex 50mm 1.8
Minolta SR T MC II 50mm 1.7
Minolta Maxxum 3000i 35-80 f 4-5.6
Ansco Speedex
Agfa Karat
Kodak Instamatic Reflex
Ricoh 300
Sears Easy Load 300
Ricoh Auto 35
Agfa Silette
Regula Sprinty
Kodak Automatic 35
Zeiss Contina II
Agfa Isoflash Rapid C
Agfa Agfamatic Ia
Honeywell Pentax 1H
Agfa Optima 1
Hanimax Praktica Nova 1B
Garfield Party On Camera

Box W-2

Zeiss Ikon Tenax in case/box
Kodak Junior Six-20 SeriesII in Box
Ansco Flash Clipper in box
Stereo Realist Flash in box
Official Cub Scout 620 w/flash NIB
35mm Kodachrome Adapter A NIB
Kalart Deluxe SpeedFlash NIB w/bulbs
Adapt A Roll 620 NIB
Agfa Ansco Ready Set Traveler w/pouch
B&J 4x5 Press Camera
Goerz Folding Plate Camera
Canadian Kodak Folding No3A
Argus Minca 28
Meyer Range Finder in box
Mascot II Exposure Meter in box
Minolta 16 Kit
Minolta 16QT
Assorted 110 Cameras
Minox 35GL with case
Kodak Dark Room Wind Up Timer